After being established for nearly 4 decades (39 years!) at the Adrian Avenue location, Lea's Christian School will be transitioning to a new campus.

    "May all grace abound with, and the peace that comes from above guide our path, prepare our hearts and minds; to leap with joy in the new chapter of Lea's dream."

    - Melva Bland, Principal

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades




Monday, June 26, 2017

Greetings Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade parents,

Welcome to summer school! I am looking forward to the next five weeks of academic work balanced with fun activities in science, music, art, cooking, Fun Friday! I have a slew of help in alumnus power, the assistance of my team of teachers, the program I have set up will keep your child’s brain cells stimulated while he/she is having fun.


My third graders will be reading a novel called Family Under the Bridge. This is a delightful story and one I am sure you will enjoy reading along with him/her. Mrs. Gerard will continue teaching math concepts from where Mrs. Nguyen left off in second grade.


The fourth and fifth graders will enjoy the novel Call It Courage as a Polynesians boy who gains courage throughout this novel. Supplement pages for homework will come with this book. Mrs. Gerard along with the assistance of Andrew Stanciulescue, an alumni, will have the fourth/fifth graders for math. Fourth and fifth grade students will continue to practice math facts along with fun but challenging activities covering several different concepts. The combination math class will reinforce concepts taught during last school year.


There will be a reading assignment and a written assignment Monday-Thursday. READING FOLDERS ARE NEEDED as students will be placing ALL in-class and homework assignments in this folder. The reading assignment is the most important part of the homework! Each child needs to come to school excited and ready to share the pages he/she was assigned the day before. It is not enough to have read the assignment. Students must remember what they have read and must be able to share the important events. Please play an active part in making your child a better reader. Parents need to look over the written assignments for neatness and thoroughness; answers should be in complete sentences. This participation on your part is absolutely essential. Thursday’s written assignments are due on Friday. Students need to bring their backpacks on FRIDAYS. The lavender homework sheets will be used during summer school and will be coming home daily, so you are aware of the homework due.

I have planned many engaging activities to make reading homework delightful for your student. Third grade parents, get ready for a “fun” trip to Paris, and fourth/fifth grade parents, be ready to go on an adventure to Jungle where Maftasu finds strength and courage to be a warrior as his tribe!

I am very conscientious about checking my emails, please feel free to email me at mbland1111@aol.com anytime, and I will respond as soon as I can. This summer I will be working daycare on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and won’t be able to respond until the evenings; if there is time in between, I will give send a quick email. Also, a bonus for the full-time daycare students is that I am in the room on Mondays and Tuesdays and can guide them with reading homework!

Communication is the key in ALL relationships; therefore, if anything is unclear, please contact me immediately.

Here’s to having a great summer together!

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