Third & Fourth Grades




October 16, 2017

Dear Parents,

Greetings! THANK YOU SO MUCH for remembering me on my birthday; I was very SURPRISED by the cupcakes Billy and his family made for me, flowers and books from Ms. Lamiya, and everyone brought in chapel money! We celebrated everyone bringing chapel money by eating the cupcakes! I can’t wait to celebrate Mrs. Gerard’s and Ms. Lamiya’s birthdays in February. Shhhh… did I just say that? Don’t worry…I’ll remind my students; they don’t forget anything! 


Thank you to all who turned in your fundraiser money on time; I appreciated it and am sure our treasurer, Mr. Moran, and his assistant, Ms. Khan, did as well. Congratulations to the following students who sold $250 or more for this fundraiser: Rashawn, Darrell, Isaiah, Isabella, Angad, Maurice, Omar, and Nathan! Let the snorting and the wiggling of tails begin!

UPCOMING TEST~Wednesday, October 18:

Math test for 4th grade students.


That’s the way huh, huh, we like it!” Congratulations to Megan for passing her multiplications time test; 50 problems in one minute! There are so many students right at the point of passing their 50-problem, addition or multiplication facts within the one-minute time limit; however, all students will be moved up to the next level on Monday, October 23. If your student is in third grade and are currently doing subtraction facts, they are on target. If your fourth grader is working on division, he/she is on target for their grade level and will not be bumped up.

FYI ~ tests and quizzes:

When I am extending the reading lessons to more than two days, I am preparing the students for their reading quizzes and am reviewing with them questions/discussions that will be on the quizzes to test for comprehension of the stories. Please review nightly with students the study worksheets which have come home to help them prepare for tests. Last week, we honed our note taking skills for both grades; gleaning out the most important information of the paragraphs. This will help students when writing book reports, doing research projects, and more.


Due to our fall festival activities, we will take our spelling tests on Thursday.

AUTUMN FESTIVAL, Friday, October 20:

We have planned many activities but will need our parents help with setup, manning games, and with clean up. The primary grade teachers will not be able to help with setup as we will be busy tending to our students; therefore, we are counting on you in a big way! Take the morning off and go to work in the afternoon; school dismisses at 3:30 p.m. on this day so you don’t have to worry about daycare for the afternoon.

PARENTS’ CLUB MEETING on Friday, November 3:

I know this is advanced notice, but I am planning on having my students give our chapel offering report. I collected the script and will pass them out on Monday, October 30th for students to review. Please plan on having your child participate, I’ll send a slip home next week so that I may know who will be in attendance and will be able to “tweak” the script if necessary.


I will be flying back to Indiana on Wednesday and will leave the class in the capable hands of Mrs. Gerard and Ms. Lamiya.

Your steadfast support of the third/fourth program is appreciated by their teachers.

God’s blessings to each of you!

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