Third & Fourth Grades




Happy New Year!”

Monday, January 8, 2018

Greetings and welcome to 2018!


On behalf of Mrs. Gerard and myself, thank you for remembering us at Christmastime. Your gifts and especially the cards with lovely words stroked notes in our hearts. We thank God for each of you and our students always.


The spirit of goodwill was alive and thriving in our classroom last month. Thank you so much for giving to the toy drive. Our goal was to collect 100 toys, and we made it up to 69 which is great accomplishment with only 16 students… “Tiny but mighty!” Thank you to the parents who helped transport students to Bethesda. As you saw the residents were full of merriment and enjoyed the children’s singing. Our Christmas luncheon ran smoothly due to those of you who helped serve, and clean up was a cinch with your help; thank you! The secret Santa gift exchange was a huge success as the students’ sheer expression of delight was evident as they ripped into opening their gifts. Finally, Lea’s is indeed a special place to work! Mrs. Gerard and I, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts” for the gifts which were given to us!


I could not be prouder of my students’ performance of our Christmas pageant of Jesus’ birth from the animals’ prospective as I am sure you are! Their lines were memorized perfectly, (thank you), they were animated as they performed, and voices were projected with expression! What an awesome way to end the last day of the first half of the school year!


We will be working on the first 33 words of our spell-a-thon list this week. Your child will need to spend extra time this month working on getting 100% on his/her spelling tests. Please study diligently last year, all of my students made 90% or higher!


will not be coming home this week; however, I did pass out stars to students who had no “lates” for the weeks of December 11 and 18. Students were able to use these stars for points to shop at our class store. Mrs. Gerard and Ms. Lamiya “cashed” out the points for students as they made their purchases. This one of the “hidden” fun activities in our classroom; “Thank you” to all who sent in extra trinkets for students to buy.


Students will begin to write their autobiographies next week. The packets were sent home in December with students and are due at school tomorrow. . Remember to send in pictures as I will be making copies to include in this writing project.

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, ~ January 15, 2018:

This week, we will be reviewing Dr. King’s legacy of using “peace and harmony” ways during the civil rights movement to bring about equal rights and justice for all people.


The second book report of this trimester is due on Wednesday, January 31. Hopefully, students heeded my advice in taking their book report folders home over Christmas break to work on. If not, no worries, I will help you out and have your student work 10 minutes at each his/her recess times to complete it. 

Mrs. Gerard, Mrs. Nguyen, and I look forward to our continual partnership in the coming year. As always, remember to communicate any concerns you may have.

May our heavenly Father continue to bless you with good health, prosperity, and protection!

In His Name,

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