Third & Fourth Grades




March 20, 2017

Good day to you!

It is good to know, during my absence, my class was in the very capable hands of Mrs. Gerard. Thank you to the families who sent me text messages wishing me well and keeping me in your prayers. All the students made me cards or a banner! The teachers gave me beautiful orchids! Lea’s is truly a special place where parents and teachers genuinely care about one another but most importantly, our students! It is comforting to know I have a competent staff!


Being made from our hands for your hearts.” I have captured the third and fourth graders throughout this school year with pictures! In addition to photographs, students’ artwork will be a treasure piece made just for you! It will be truly a-once-in-a-lifetime treasure that you will want to have for years to look back on your child’s 2016/2017 as leaders of Lea’s… “the age of innocence and fun,” priceless! It will be on display this Friday. Be sure to come in to view it.


This is the time of the year that the third and fourth graders shine through as our TRUE STUDENT LEADERS as they help the teachers to wait on the VIP tables and help Mrs. Gerard man the “Recycling/Composting” center.

VIP tables ~ 4th grade students:

It is a rite of passage for the fourth graders to wait on the people of the VIP tables. The two shift times are 4 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 – 6: 00 p.m. This makes it easier for parents who won their bid to have their children fed before serving. Please come in and sign up for the time which you would like your child to work; otherwise, I will be texting or emailing you. Mrs. Yoshida will speak with the students on Wednesday after chapel to let them know what their duties entail.


I’ve set up a schedule and would like everyone to plan on having your student help with this part of the dinner as students do claim the title of “ECO-KIDS!” Mrs. Gerard will be discussing what she will be expecting from students this week. The sign-up sheet is posted on our door. PLEASE COME IN and SIGN your student up!

RECORDER TEST for both grades are scheduled on THURSDAY, MARCH 23!

I will practice with students on “Mary’s Baby Sheep” on Tuesday and will test them on Thursday.

CONTAINERS for Easter Baskets due on Monday April 3:

Students will be using 2-liter soda bottle or a milk carton to make their Easter baskets. They are due in a week’s time.


I’m hoping to see everyone on Saturday at Chabot College. This is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your school family.


Each of the teachers has been asked to speak with their students about NOT running around inside of the cafeteria. This is requested for the safety of all our students, parents, families, and friends. Please speak to your child beforehand about practicing his/her manners at this school function. In the past during fellowship times after the parents’ meetings, I have had to speak with a few of my students about not running around inside of the Fellowship Hall, and I do not want to see them behaving this way at the dinner/auction. I’m counting on you to use your parental powers to help to keep everyone safe.

Don’t forget to drop in to see the class canvas collage on Friday!

God bless each of you!

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