Second Grade

Second Grade2


Monday, October 16, 2017

Greetings Second Grade Parents,

Your children and I have been discussing the devastating fires. It is difficult for me to grasp the effects of such destruction let alone the students. The reality of it cannot be ignored once we step outside and find our breathing compromised. We open our generous hearts to those in such need and pray the week ahead will bring news that the fires are under control!


Monday: Strategies Test on Unit II

Tuesday: Language test packets will come home. We will have a test on verbs next Tuesday.

Wednesday: Three students have earned 50 points and will be going to Wendy’s for lunch! Other students are almost there. The next goal will be 75 points.

Thursday: Oral quiz on pages 70-74.  A reading assignment will be given, which will be due on Monday.

Friday: Fall Festival


We now have enough instruments for seven students! Thank you so much to all of you who contributed! We are on our way toward building a keyboard/xylophone/bells orchestra!!!

My visit with Mom was wonderful! We spent most of my visit in her art room. Her energy is amazing!

God’s blessings! J. Yoshida

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