Second Grade

Second Grade2
Monday, March 20, 2017

Dear Parents,

Class Project:

The class project for the auction is now ready for your viewing. Come on in and take a look!

Research Project:

How is the research project coming along??? Set aside time during an “easier” homework night or weekend to work on it; otherwise, the deadline date will be here before you know it!

Language Tests:

The language test on subjects and predicates is tomorrow. In addition to marking subjects and predicates in the sentences I have written, students will also need to come up with two complete sentences of their own and mark those subjects and predicates.

 The results of the Strategies Tests are varied. Many continue to struggle with the strategies portion where they need to read a brand new passage and predict and clarify and comprehend. We go over these concepts daily in our reading circle and will continue to do so. The vocabulary section, in which students are able to study, had much, much better outcomes!


We are getting back on track with reaching “bonus speller” status after January’s Spell-a-thon demands knocked so many off the list! We now have five students with four or more 100% in a row! Congratulations!

Western Roundup:

 This week will be buzzing in anticipation of the Western Roundup! You have been generous in giving this event your support. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

God’s blessings!

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