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Monday, October 2, 2017

Greetings Parents!

Our disaster drill last Friday went smoothly. Student participation in this type of drill helps to psychologically prepare them for a “true” emergency. It helps to foster feeling safe and to think that it is “no big” deal, which is what we want during an actual emergency; not for them to become frightened and panic. Thank you for picking your students up in the allocated time and for your patience. We practiced our lockdown procedure, followed by an earthquake drill, and lastly, a fire drill which ended with the evacuation of our classrooms.

We thought September was packed with many events, the month of October is full of many fun, special activities as well. Keep this newsletter handy and refer to it as needed or visit our school’s website,


Thank you to those who turned in your fundraising monies on time. If you have not paid, the buy-out amount is $150 and is due now. As soon as discrepancies are cleared up and the invoice is paid, we will let you know the total profit. Our treasurer, Jorge Moran, has his work cut out for him! 😊 “Thank you,” Mr. Moran for your labor of love on behalf of the parents and students of Lea’s Christian School! On a side note, fundraising is even more important this year as we try to landscape our huge playgrounds that God has blessed us with.


Mrs. Yoshida will be collecting the Box Top for Education labels this year. Please take the time to cut and send them to school to your children’s teachers in an envelope.

Friday, September 29:

The last page of the Parent/Student handbook policies was due.

Friday, October 6:

This year, we will have a raffle of prizes along with the Great Pig Race. The fun will take place at 10:00 the Parish Hall. Come join us if you can spare thirty minutes!

Saturday, October 7:

Parents’ Work Day, 9:00 A.M. to noon. The sign-up sheets are posted!

Monday, October 9:

No School ~ Student/Teacher Holiday

Friday, October 20:

AUTUMN FESTIVAL at school: 9 A.M. – NOON

Regular dismissal time ~ 3:30pm.

There will be games and wagon rides at this fun event! Lots of parental help is needed for set up, manning of stations, and cleanup.

October 23 – 31:


Wednesday, October 18:

Appeal fund ~ 1st payment of $65

is due.

Wednesday, October 25:

All-school healthy lunch is scheduled.

Tuesday, October 31:

Halloween Parties & Parade

School will be dismissed at noontime.

Bethesda Retirement Center (K- 4) 9:15 AM – 10:30 AM. Many drivers will be needed.

THE GREAT PIG RACE ~ Friday, October 6:

The teachers will be holding their class preliminary races throughout this week to have a class winner for the big race on Friday, October 6! “Let the grunting and pigtail wiggling begin!”


The sign-up sheets for workers and contribution of food/drinks is posted! There is much to be done; even if you can’t stay all morning, please come for an hour or two. Each year we are amazed at how much is accomplished through our hardworking crew of parents! As a bonus, parents who work for a minimum of two hours, their student(s) will be granted FREE DRESS on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20; just in time for our Fall Festival!

Wheel barrows and shovels- These will be essential for our playground work. If you can’t come, consider dropping off your wheelbarrow for our use.

Stepladders – we always have a shortage of footstools and ladders for cleaning the outside of our windows.

Window cleaning supplies

Rakes, hoes, gardening gloves, tree pruners, electric hedge trimmers, outdoor extension cords, clippers, cleaning supplies such as buckets, rubber gloves, rags, sponges, tree pruners, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and tools that you use at home we could use for gardening.


requires schools to notify parents of any area treated with pesticides inside the building and on school grounds. During the course of the year the following pesticides may be used: insect spray containing bifenthrin, ant spray containing permethrin, pyrethrins, and piperohyl butoxide technical, and wasp spray containing prallelthrin, and lambada cyhalothrin. It is our goal to provide for the safest and lowest risk approach to control pest problems while protecting students, staff, and the environment.

AUTUMN FESTIVAL~ Friday, October 20:

Last year, our fall festival was very successful! Teachers have begun preparations for this fun day! There will be many games for students to play from pumpkin tossing to bobbing for apples! We’re counting on our parents to make this another memorable year for our students. Please take time off of work and join us Friday morning from 9:00 a.m. until noontime. Teachers will need help with set up, running game stations, and clean up. Sign up sheets will be posted on Friday, October 6!

HALLOWEEN ~ Tuesday, October 31:

Our students will be sharing joy to our adopted grandmas and grandpas of Bethesda on this day. We will treat them to our sweet melodic voices. Thank you to Ms. Ho, Mrs. Yoshida, Mrs. Adza, and Ms. Nguyen for teaching the children the songs and movements to “treat” our “adopted” grandparents!


Halloween is almost upon! Remember that your child attends a Christian school, and costumes such as WITCHES and DEVILS are NOT appropriate. Costumes must be of a non-violent nature such as fairy tale/bible characters, super heroes, princesses, etc. are acceptable. Thank you for helping us to keep a “positive” image for this fun day! If you are unsure, please check with your child’s teacher.


Thank you to those who sent a special offering for our follow Americans who suffered loss during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We collected $675, and at that time, were able to allocate the funds to these two hurricanes. We, also through weekly chapel offerings last year, gave to the American Red Cross; thank you for being a blessing to those in need. May God bless you mightily for doing His will.

The staff of Lea’s thank God for our parents with willing hands and hearts who want their children to thrive in a safe Christian environment. May His angels of protection be encamped around each of us and blessings flow upon us as we go throughout this week!


Please vote and return to your child’s teacher immediately. You may write in a candidate of your choice if you wish.

Yes No

President Warren Yoshida ______ ______

___________________ ______ ______

Vice-president Nathan Bland ______ ______

___________________ ______ ______

Secretary Liza Landrum ______ ______

_____________________ ______ ______

Treasurer Chad Seiji ______ ______

_______________________ ______ ______

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