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Monday, January 8, 2018


We pray that your Christmastime with loved ones and friends was everything you prayed for and more. Here we are in a new year with limitless possibilities in learning!


A big “thank you” to our parents for spreading Christmas joy last month. The giving spirit was alive and flourishing throughout the entire month! We pray that God will continue be bless you mightily as we go into the New Year with stronger faith and with great expectations knowing He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus!

Bethlehem Express:

Our students participated in the festivities sponsored by the members of Calvary Lutheran Church! Many students participated in the live manger scene and choir. At the end of the pastor’s message, our students under Ms. Ho’s directing and Mrs. Yoshida accompaniment on the piano sang “Joy to the World” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” A big thank you to the parents who allowed their students to participate! It was a fun, family night with caroling, making a Christmas craft, and ended with us enjoying home-baked cookies and hot cocoa with cream on the top!

Christmas Caroling ~ Bethesda Christian Retirement Center:

Our love overflowed an abundance with our caroling to the residents of Bethesda through Christmas music! The students’ sweet voices brought tears of joy and many smiles to our “adopted” grandmas’ and grandpas’ faces. Students also passed out handmade Christmas cards. Thank you to our parents who helped with transportation of our students; we appreciate you so much, and it could not have happened without your help!

Once Upon A Manger” Christmas Pageant ~

Once again, our students performed in a poised, entertaining manner the animals’ perspective of Jesus’ birth in this pageant! Thank you to the third/fourth parents who bought clothing for their students’ characters for our annual pageant. Ms. Ho did an excellent job in having the students proclaim Jesus’ birth with angelic voices. Thank you to Mrs. Yoshida who accompanied the children during practices on the piano in the learning of songs, Ms. Nuygen for executing musical tracks perfectly, and to Mrs. Adza, Mrs. Alan, and Mrs. Gerard for helping with costume changes during the performance!

Salvation Army Toy Drive:

Our annual, local toy drive in December was very successful. As you know there continues to be a great need in our community for “good will” towards those who are struggling financially, and once again you answered many prayers! The driver for the Salvation Army eagerly and gratefully collected the new, unwrapped toys. She had to make a second trip due to your generous giving! Saying “Thank you seems so inadequate.” The staff gives thanks to God for each of you; you are a light in a world full of needs!”

Grateful Hearts ~ Our school:

Your continual support and love for your children and their teachers were evident by your driving to Bethesda, contributing food for the Christmas parties, setting up/serving the children, and cleaning up afterwards. You are very much appreciated by the staff! You help to make our school a “homey” and warm environment for the students to flourish in. THANK YOU and God’s blessings upon each of you always!

Christmas Cards made for residents of Calvary’s retired seniors.

The students made close to 200 cards to be passed out to Calvary’s two residential senior living facilities, Witt Manor 1 and Witt Manor 2. Teachers and students of Lea’s continues to be the burning, shining light God intended and created us to be!


Please look over the attached copy of the emergency card and check to make sure all information is current. Give serious thought to the names that you list. If information is correct, please write “O.K.” at the top of the card. If changes are necessary, please make them. Pay close attention to the names designated to pick your child up in case of an emergency/disaster. The names listed are the only people that your child will be released to in the event of a natural disaster/emergency. Please RETURN emergency cards by FRIDAY, JANUARY 12!

SPELL-A-THON PACKETS (K-4) to go home on Tuesday, January 16, 2018:

Students will once again participate in the only fundraiser which challenges them mentally, the spell-a-thon! The students will be engaged in many lessons reviewing previously learned words. The first through fourth grades will spell 100 words, and the kindergarten class will spell 25 words.

PRESCHOOL JOG-A-THON PACKETS went home in December:

The preschoolers will be getting warmed up for their 5th annual jog-a-thon which is scheduled for Friday, February 2! Plan on coming out and cheering our little ones on to the finish line!


This is our biggest fundraiser and the planning stages began at our November meeting and continues. We need everyone to lend a hand to lighten the loads of our dedicated teachers. Plans are being made for an array of hors d’oeuvre to be served so that you may browse donations and bid during the silent auction. We will continue to have the dessert table where other delicious food items may be purchased. We will be inviting current families, alumnus/their families, and friends of Lea’s. Each current school family will be able to eat free from an array of appetizers and invited guests will need to purchase tickets as usual. Good food and fun fellowship is the staple of our biggest fundraiser.


We will once again have the silent and live auction. The silent auction consists of donated items from businesses and parents to bid on. Consider purchasing items to create a themed, basket. A family basket could consist of board games, family-friendly DVDs, and gift-cards for food such as pizza. A sports basket with different kinds of sports equipment such as a soccer ball, baseball and bat, tee-ball, etc., sweat headbands, wrist sweatbands, etc. along with a case of Gatorade to recharge electrolytes lost through playing! A Disney Basket with Disney movies, Disney characters, coloring books/books etc. All items donated are tax deductible. The live auction will occur lastly. This is when the priceless class-created projects are auctioned off with one-of-one kind donated items from businesses.


Did you get any great deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Perhaps, you were blessed with Christmas gifts that you already have or cannot use? Please consider donating them to our upcoming auction in March


Please continue to collect and send in the box-top labels to your children’s teachers. Mrs. Yoshida is handling the box-tops program for us, and we are expecting a check any day. Once we receive the check, we will let you know how much it was. Our next date to submit the labels is April 30.

As you look over January’s calendar, let’s make a resolution of getting off to a great start in learning for the New Year!

January Calendar
Monday, January 8:


Monday, January 15:


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 16:

Spell-a-thon kick-off (K-4)

Jog-a-thon kick-off (preschool)

Thursday, February 1:

Spell-a-thon testing (K-4)

Friday, February 2:

PRESCHOOL annual Jog-a-thon

1st PARENT CLUB MEETING OF THE NEW YEAR, starts @ 7:00 p.m. in the church. Child care will be provided!

Wednesday, February 7:

100th Day of School!

Saturday, February 10:


Kindergarten Information Meeting: This meeting is for Lion Cubs’ parents and NEW families interested in our kindergarten program for the 2018/2019 school term.


We anticipate openings in first through fifth grades.


Tell your friends about our upcoming open house. Let them know about our warm and nurturing preschool teachers.

LEA’S DREAM LIVES ON ~ help us to spread the word!

Our dedicated teachers are eager to share our age-appropriate, yet challenging curriculum with families looking for a top-notch school. Please reach out to your family members and friends. Your “word of mouth” is the best advertisement for our school!

GO STUDENTS OF LEA’S!” ~ WEEK of January 29:

We will support National School Choice organization once again. This organization supports the right for parents to make the best choice in choosing where their children are educated, and we wholeheartedly agree with this. Our school year jumps right into gear for being healthy and smarter. The primary grades’ students will be flexing their brainpower with the spell-a-thon on Thursday, February 1. Our preschoolers will have their annual jog-a-thon, showing off their strong muscles on Friday, February 2.

PARENTS’ CLUB MEETING, Friday, February 2, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the church:

Help us get the New Year off to a great start. We need your input and support as we look towards our biggest fundraiser, the Appetizer/Dessert and Auction!

We will be entertained by the preschoolers and their parents will host it, and to top it off, each class has planned a small “entertainment” treat or will help present their class report for your pleasure. K – 4 students whose parents attend will be given free dress on Wednesday, February 14; what a “sweet” time to be able to dress for our Valentine’s Party Day! Once again, the meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in the church.


We did not have a grand opening and here’s the chance for us to let everyone know about our wonderful school. Please invite friends and family members to drop by and view the displays of work. Tell them to ask questions of the teachers regarding the curriculum and more.

KINDERGARTEN INFORMATION MEETING – Saturday, February 10, 2018, at 1:00 p.m.:

This is an open house for parents interested in our kindergarten program for the 2018/2019 school term. The meeting will be in the kindergarten classroom. Lion Cub parents interested in our program should plan to attend this meeting. Our kindergarten program is academically advanced, and at this meeting, we will share the details of it; therefore, it is a prerequisite for incoming kindergarten families.

PRESCHOOL OPEN HOUSE 1 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ~ Saturday, February 10:

Teddy Bears’ parents plan on learning about the excellent curriculum taught in our Lion Cubs’ class and tell your friends who may be looking for high quality childcare for their child(ren). At Lea’s we offer an excellent curriculum, taught by teachers who provide a tender, loving, and nurturing environment for Jesus’ and your little ones.

If you know of someone who is looking to have their children educated in a God-centered environment and a family-oriented school environment, be sure to tell them about the Primary Grades’ and Preschool’s Open House and the Kindergarten Information Meeting on Saturday, February 10, 2018.


In December, Ms. Lamiya with Mrs. Gerard’s help were in touch with parents who had yet to fulfill the 10-service hours required by January 30. Preschool parents should see Mrs. Stump’s staff regarding hours. If you do not complete the hours by January 30, you will be assessed $25 for each hour of service not completed.

May God’s blessings overflow and abound in each of our families and staff’s lives as we embark upon the New Year together!

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