First Grade


March 7, 2017

Dear First Grade Parents,

The fruit of the spirit is not a coconut! What a performance by the first and second graders! Mrs. Yoshida and I are both amazed that the students were moving so fast with their hand signs. I am proud of my first graders, they all attended. Way to go first graders!

February was a month filled with excitement and fun. We celebrated the 100th day of school, decorated our room with colorful hearts, celebrated Darian’s birthday, and visited Chabot College.

In reading we are all in our final first grade reader. It has many non-fiction stories and with a few fun stories added. Students will memorize the famous first grade poem “Betty Botter”. I am sure some of the 4th graders still remember the poem. Now new vocabulary words are added to the daily homework. Looking up vocabulary words in their small glossary is the first skill in using the dictionary.

In math we are learning about money; counting dimes, nickels, pennies and quarters, counting sets of coins, and problem solving with coins. No need to remind you to save their math papers for Chapter 9, test will be next Thursday, March 16.

This class is doing great in their weekly spelling test. They have two perfect 100%. When they get one more, they will be going to Burger King again! Study hard first graders, you can do it!!

This past month we also studied about some famous people, such as: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Louis Armstrong and Harriet Tubman. The students love science. They are presently studying solids, liquid, and gas. During your dinnertime at home please ask them what group they are in.

The well wish was due yesterday. If you intend to send one in let me know, I will make space for you.

Ms. Ho

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