After being established for nearly 4 decades (39 years!) at the Adrian Avenue location, Lea’s Christian School has transitioned to a new campus at 17200 Via Magdalena in San Lorenzo.

    “May all grace abound with, and the peace that comes from above guide our path, prepare our hearts and minds; to leap with joy in the new chapter of Lea’s dream.”

    – Melva Bland, Principal

First Grade


June 1, 2017

Ms. Ho took two super first grade students to Olive Garden as a reward luncheon!


May 23, 2017

Dear Soon to be Second Grade Parents,

The program went very well, and as usual I am quite proud of them. We rehearse our dance steps for many hours, until they know the routine by heart. It is amazing that first graders can sing nine songs without missing a beat. I have to give that to the motto of Lea’s school, never give up!

First I want to thank the parents who supported me and their child in our curriculum. It was not an easy task to do it every day, and I applaud you for keeping up with me. We have learned from our many stories by Aesop that slow and steady wins the race. 

It will be a mistake for me not to mention our second grade teacher, Mrs. Yoshida. Mrs. Yoshida was my mentor when I first started teaching 35 years ago. She taught me many valuable lessons on how to teach.

She is the best out there and next year it will be her last year teaching. I am sure you have witnessed how her nine students can make a difficult song come alive with their dance. She is one in a million! She is even more patient than me. Take advantage while she is here.

Your child is the biggest investment you will have to make. So please consider Mrs. Yoshida as your child’s second teacher. I will not steer you wrong.

We have traveled together for many days in first grade, and now sadly I have to let them go so each of them can continue to grow into a fine person.

May God go with you always,

Ms. Wonderful

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