First Grade


The month of January, 2017 is gone! Time is not standing still for us, and attending second grade is just a few months away! Together, we figured out that we have spent 1,260 hours in first grade or 75,600 minutes. “That is a long time!” they exclaimed!

We celebrated our 100th day of school yesterday. The class did many different activities that involved the number 100. Our favorites were stringing 100 Cheerios and eating them. The class also made a colorful sculpture out of paper toilet rolls that was quite impressive.

In reading, we continued to read from the Open Court series, discussing the importance of how to be a good person, caring and loving and also discussing one of the most important things we need to learn to make the right choices. We need to think before we act. Yes, Aesop wrote all about it. We continued to review the long and short vowel sounds daily. It helps to strengthen our spelling skills. For the third reader in first grade, vocabulary words are added daily to their homework. They will be in their last reader in no time.

In math we are on Chapter 8. It teaches place value, data and graphs. Please start saving their math papers from pages 281 to 320 The class, as a whole is doing very well in math. I do not expect to find any mistakes on their homework. Please help check their work even if they have finished it at school.

We continue to write twice a week in our journals on subjects that we can relate to. Some of them are quite interesting to read. The parents will receive the second quarter journal book at the end of Trimester II which is coming up very soon.

One of the heartwarming stories of our school is the bond we develop with our little brothers and sisters from the Teddy Bear class. My students just love to go over and say hello to their little friends. We pick up the little buddies every Wednesday for Chapel. During special holidays we make gifts for them to take home.

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