First Grade


Happy 2018!

Welcome back! I sure missed having the first graders around! Our first grade will make it a great year for learning new vocabulary words, new math concepts, science experiments, writing more in our weekly journal and reading chapter books for our book reports. Morals and values will also be discussed in our daily discussions along with the story time. Yes! We are off to a busy and great start in the New Year.

In this first month of the New Year, we will continue to read stories from our second reader. We will prepare for our Spell-a-thon by relearning 100 spelling words. We’ll be reviewing our math and continuing to learn about counting numbers to 100. For the 100th day of school, we are learning a poem by Shell Silverstein, called “The One Who Invented Trick or Treat.” 

Most of the students have already started reading chapter storybooks. That means they will learn to explain their comprehension of the story chapter by chapter, and the book reports will be more challenging this trimester. In the second grade they will write a summary of each chapter.

Please continue to help with daily homework assignments. Check if the writing is acceptable and make corrections in their workbooks. Read the story at least three times every night; make sure they comprehend the story. There should not be any math errors if you have checked their worksheets. We want what is best for your child; this is the moment to teach them, not later.

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