First Grade


October 8, 2017

Dear First Grade Parents,

First, I want to thank the parents who came to help clean our school on Saturday. Our windows looked spotless, there is not one speck of dust on the shelves in the classroom. The playground got a face lift, and we still have much to do. For those families who helped, your child will have two free dress days next Thursday and Friday!

We continue to read in our readers and write in our workbooks. In the next book, we will be concentrating on the short vowel sounds. There will be stories written by a famous author, Aesop, who lived over 500 hundred years ago. His

messages will teach us how to be a good person. (I love his stories.)

In math, we are on Chapter 3, strategies for addition facts to 12. We’ll be learning counting on and adding in any order, doubles and doubles plus one. Please start saving chapter 3 papers. There will be a test next Thursday.

In science we are studying about the body parts. Very interesting! Mrs. Alan is doing art work to go along with the lesson.

New phone number to connect to my classroom: 510-278-2598 ext. 21

Happy October,

Ms. Ho

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